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Al Levy, ACBL President 2003Positions:
Board of Directors (1996 - 2019); President (2003); 401k Trustee (1999 - 2019); Online-Bridge chair (originated committee in 1997 - officially and unofficially chair 1997 - 2019)
WBF: Executive Council (2004 - 2022); 1st VP; Technology Committee chair; Committee of Honour
World Computer-Bridge Championship: Originator/Coordinator (1997 - ongoing);
ACBL District 24: Treasurer Unit 242: Board 1980 - present; Past President and Tournament Chair
Laws: Laws of Rubber Bridge 2014, editor; ACBL Laws Commission (2012 - 2020); WBF Laws Committee (2012 - 2022)

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My World of Bridge on the Internet

ACBL District 24 (NYC and Long Island)

ACBL/WBF World Computer-Bridge Championship The 23rd annual World Computer-Bridge Championship will be held at the San Francisco NABC, December 2-7, 2019; The 22nd championship was held at the 2018 World Championships - WBF website

Explore the World of Bridge on the Internet ... great bridge links.  See "Log on for Bridge" June, 2012 ACBL Bridge Bulletin and Bridge Winners Forum posting
Explore the World of Bridge on the Internet...Internation version

Lessons for Intermediate & Newcomer Players

World Youth Open Bridge Championships, Atlanta, Georgia, at the 2013 summer NABC. I served as chair of the organizing committee and onsite coordinator

15th World Bridge Series, Orlando, Florida, 2018.  I served as chair of the organizing committee and onsite coordinator.

Laws of Rubber Bridge, 2014 edition, editor comments

Bridge in the Future...maybe not so far away (written in 2012)!

Maggy Simony...Bridge Crusader ..May 2014 Bridge Bulletin

Personal ...

Interviewed in Veldhoven on YouTube

My 2003 ACBL president's Web page and Family Pictures, 2003 a really good year with great memories

For amusement: +7,000 against Marty Bergen the true story

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