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world of here explore the world of bridge on the Internet

 ...also see "Log on for Bridge" in the June, 2012 ACBL Bridge Bulletin


Bridge in the Al Levy (written 2012)


Youth4Bridge   Redirected to ACBL Juniors


The World Bridge Federation's World Youth Open Championships in Atlanta, August, 2013.  I had the good fortune of being the Organizing Committee chair and onsite Organizer/Coordinator.  See the write-ups of this successful event: and my personal Farewell


Great bridge lessons for newcomers...see my webpage at  Bridge for Beginners and Intermediate players

Learn to play with the ACBL for free ;

The ACBL's School Bridge Lesson Series Program...great material
The ACBL School Program website has information on promotional material, bridge lessons and special activities for school age bridge players ACBL pays up to $500 to teach approved programs ;

Bridge Teachers for Youth  New - "Bridge Teachers for Youth" website.

The Longest Day ACBL link  2013 - 2017, the Sagamore Bridge Club raised more money than any other bridge club


2018 WBF World Championships (11th World Bridge Series) September 21 - October 6

all events are Transnational  Make an early reservation at the famed Marriott World Center


The new World Bridge Federation website is live!  go to 


The Warren Buffett Cup, first held in 2006 in Dublin alongside the Ryder Cup, pits USA against Europe.;

Remarks on "Bridge for Peace" from the 2005 World Teams Championships in Estoril


Mind Sports Association formed - Bridge, Chess, Draughts and Go, joined forces to form the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA), under the aegis of the General Association of the International Sports Federations (GAISF).  The sports represented by the Mind Sports Association, along with Chinese Chess, competed in the 1st World Mind Sports Games, in Beijing; immediately following the summer Olympics  See all the affiliated sports organizations associated with the World Bridge Federation

See all past WBF championships
See the WBF Exec Council outing at the 2009 World Team Championship, Sao Paulo, Brazil Iguazu Falls.

World Computer-Bridge Championships, all past results the 2015 championships was held at the summer Chicago NABC


District 24 All-Time 500 Top Masterpoint Holders

 Unit 155 (GNYBA)  2017 Mini McKenney  Ace of Clubs  2018 Mini McKenney  Ace of Clubs
 Unit 242 (NSBA)     2017 Mini McKenney  Ace of Clubs  2018 Mini McKenney  Ace of Clubs

ACBL Board of Directors meetings: ACBL Board minutes ;


2018 upcoming NABCs: 2018 ACBL spring NABC Philadelphia, March 8-18, make your reservations at the Marriott Downtown Past NABCs;
Play bridge online for masterpoints;

District Tournaments:
2017 upcoming STaCs: Dec 8-10

2018 STaCs: March 20-26; June 25 - July 1; Oct 15-21 NSBA weekend STaCs: Feb 9-11; May 18-20; Juy 20-22

2019 STaCs: MArch 11-17; June 3-9; Nov 11-17 NSBA weekend STaCs: Feb 1-2; May 17-18; July 5-7; Dec 13-15 

See the full schedule of tournaments, including Regionals:  NSBA GNYBA



2017-2018  GNTs; Flight C qualifying at clubs (top 40%)

Final Open & B SUnday, Feb 11 at Aces

Final A & C Sunday, Feb 25 at Honors 

RECENT RESULTS ...Go To Unit website

Nassau-Suffolk Bridge Association See Upcoming Tournaments
Greater New York Bridge Association See Upcoming Tournaments      


Top District Masterpoint Lifetime Holders

District 24

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Nassau-Suffolk Bridge Association



Cooperative Advertising Program
The ACBL will reimburse 50% of advertising costing up to $1,000 ($500 reimbursement) per program for beginner bridge lessons, newcomer programs and ACBL recruitment.  For information Click Here.


ROBOT PLAY NEW... For a free online robot game, go to BridgeBase Online and
Complete against others in free robot tournaments.
ALSO...Play with robots for masterpoints and fun at Bridge Base Online

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See my 2003 ACBL president's Web page  Family Pictures, 2003                                         to top

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Bridge for Beginners and Intermediate players

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