DISTRICT 24 NEWSLETTER        Alvin Levy        Volume 03.1

Published after each NABC




PHILADELPHIA, Good Attendance and Great Hospitality


hiladelphia’s attendance more than met expectations at 10,850 tables.  There were concerns that the relatively high hotel rates at the Marriott would limit attendance and cause us not to meet our room block minimum.  This was not the case.  We met our room block requirement so there was no extra charge for the playing space and the table count was slightly above expectations.  Those that stayed at the host hotel found the extra cost well worth the convenience. 


The District 4 sponsoring organization ran a variety of fun late-night activities and free food for all to enjoy.  Add to this the many excellent restaurants nearby and you end up with a good time in Philly.  Having all the playing space in one Hotel, on two adjacent floors, was very convenient and led to many more players taking part in the late-night activities.  There were many compliments about this NABC and few complaints.   Attending an NABC is usually a great experience, and the Philly NABC was one of the best.  2003 still offers a summer NABC in Long Beach and a Fall NABC in New Orleans.  Treat yourself to a special bridge experience…attend an NABC…and put the 2004 summer NYC NABC on your calendar now.


District 24 Players shine in NABC+ Events

District 24 players always have a good showing in NABC+ events, and the spring 2003 NABC was no exception.

            In the North American Open Pairs - Flight A, Joe Grue – John Kranyak placed 6th and Alex Orenstein – Sylvia Moss placed 23rd.

            A big win for Michael Rosenberg in the Open Pairs I.  Other high finishers were: Martin Fleisher, 2nd; Bruce Rogoff, 5th, Zia Mahmood, 6th, John Rengstroff, 17th and Christal Henner-Welland, 25th.

            In the Silver Ribbon Pairs, Barbara Haberman placed 10th and Linda Gordon 24th.

            Barbara Haberman, placing 6th in the Mixed Pairs.  Also finishing high was Jim Krekorian, 9th.

            Zia Mahmood – Richard Schwartz placed 6th in the Open Pairs II.  Other high finishers were Chris Willenken – Glenn Milgrim, 9th.

            In the Women’s Pairs Debbie Rosenberg placed 12th, Margie Gwozdzinsky, 13th, Leslie Paryzer, 14th, Valerie Westheimer – Judi Radin, 15th, Laurie Vogel – Gail Greenberg, 22nd and Claire Torney, 25th.

            The Red Ribbon Pairs was held at the Spring NABC for the fist time.  High finishers were Leslie Powell, 6th and Yefim Shoykhet – Sallie Sears, 23rd.

Another big win for Nick Nickell in the premiere Vanderbilt KO teams.  Nick is a Nyer but is not a District 24 member.  Martin Fleisher placed 2nd, Winthrop Allegaert – Jaggy Shivdasani placed 3/4, Jimmy Cayne – Robert Levin, 5/8, Roy Welland – Bjorn Fallenius, 5/8, Joe Grue – Michael Moss – Brad Moss – John Kranyak, 5/8, Richard Schwartz – Larry Cohen – David Berkowitz – Zia Mahmood – Michael Rosenberg, 9/16, Christal Henner-Welland, 9/16 and Glenn Milgrim – Michael Polowan – Chris Willenken, 9/16.

            A big win for Christal Henner-Welland in the Open Swiss Teams.  John Kranyak placed 3rd, Robert Levin, 4th, Joe Grue – Michael Moss, 5th, Richard Schwartz – Michael Rosenberg – David Berkowitz – Larry Cohen – Zia Mahmood, 8th, Barry Rigal, 10th, Brian Glubok, 11th, Andy Stark, 14th, Janet Colchamiro – Mel Colchamiro, 16/17, Mark Feldman, 21/24 and George Torney, 21/24.

            Valerie Wethiemer – Judi Radin were on the winning Women’s Swiss, Sylvia Moss – Leslie Paryzer – Linda Gordon placed 3rd, Svetlana Gromenkova, 4th, Debbie Rosenberg, 6th, Dorothy Truscott, 7th, Lisa Berkowitz – Susan Wexler, 9th and Claire Torney, 10th.


The top 200 District 24 masterpoint winners at the Philadelphia spring NABC.


Board of Directors Meeting

This was my first Board meeting as president.  The business before the Board is set one month before the meeting.  The actual Agenda, including committee meetings, Board meetings, committee assignments, and special discussions, is set by the president.  This year I planned on three-day Board meetings rather than the traditional four-day meetings.  This saves approximately $27,000 for the three meetings.  This Board meeting finished in 2 ½ days.


World Junior Individual Bridge Championship

The Board approved a World Junior Individual Championship to be held every other year, starting in 2004, in North America at the site of the summer NABC.  The first championship will be held July 14-16 at our NYC 2004 summer NABC.


ACBL Masterpoints to be awarded in 1st Open European Championship, June 2004

The formula for awarding ACBL masterpoints for each event held at the European Open Championships was established.  The championships will be held in Menton, France, June 14-28.


Masterpoints Earned in WBF Events

The formula for awarding ACBL masterpoints for events held at the WBF Championships was established.


Appeals Casebook Guide

Approval was given to create a manual for appeals guidelines.


Reconsideration Policy

The current regulation requires a 2/3 approval to reconsider a motion at the same meeting or the following meeting.  A proposal to change the regulation to require a simple majority for reconsideration was defeated.


Hard Copy Distribution of Materials for Volunteers

Volunteer officials who need copies of various ACBL Rules and Regulations will be notified that they may request one hard copy of the necessary documents, free of charge, once a year.  Documents can always be obtained by electronic file.


Eligibility to Play in NABC+ Events

In order to participate in an NABC+ event, a person must be an ACBL member whose service fee or dues is current.  This only applies to NABC+ events.  For Regional events a $2 charge is added onto the entry fee for these members.


Financial Snapshot

An excess of $740,000 in revenue was achieved in 2002.  The ACBL has assets of $7.5 million.  In 2003 we approved a $300,000 deficit on a $9 million budget.  There will be no increases in tournament sanction fees or membership dues.


2003 Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup

The World Championships, including the Transnational Teams, will be held in Monte Carlo the first two weeks of November.


2004 World Computer-Bridge Championship

I will be running the ACBL’s world computer-bridge championships in Menton, France, as part of the 1st Open European Championships.   http://www.ny-bridge.com/allevy/Montreal/indexMenton.html


Presidential Activities

My year as president will be a full year of travel, planning, and organizing.  My goals for the year can be found in my January Interview, which appears in English and French.


Click here to read my comments to the Board of Governors at their spring meeting.


Click here to see some photos from the Philly NABC.


My travels will take me to 15 Regionals, 2 Sectionals, the ABA Spring National, the 1st European Open Championships were I will be conducting the 7th Annual World Computer-Bridge Championships, the WBF games in Monte Carlo, as well as various trips to our offices in Memphis.


In my travels I will be addressing Newcomer/Intermediate groups and presenting bridge books wherever I go.  I also will discuss with Unit and District officials the various ACBL programs that can benefit them.


One current project that I have undertaken is to write to every Youth (under 20) member with a message and advice on how to learn the game better.  Included will be a bridge book geared to their playing level.  Two books that I will be sending are by Dorothy Truscott…Bid Better, Play Better, and Winning Declarer Play.  In addition, with the help of Randy Baron and the various software developers, there will be heavy discounts offered for bridge software.


Congratulations to District 24’s 2003 Goodwill Committee Appointments:

Zia Mahmood

Dorothy Truscott

Chris Willenkin

Margaret Suran


Congratulations to District 24’s 2003 Charity Committee Appointments

Debra Thaw

Carol Mathews