DISTRICT 24 Newsletter            Alvin Levy                      2002.2



Washington D.C. Summer North American Bridge Championships

With the Mini Spingold, Red Ribbon Pairs, Senior Swiss, Women’s KOs, and a full complement of NABC+ Open events, there were great bridge events for everyone.  Besides the NABC+ and Regional events there was the usual nightly entertainment as well as all the D.C. sights to see.  Add fine restaurants to fit everyone’s purse and you get a summer NABC was a wonderful bridge experience.  For another great bridge experience come to the fall NABC in Phoenix.


Attendance was 10% below expectations at 14,650 tables.  Even though over 6600 players attended the NABC it appears that many other players cut down on their travel.  Hopefully the fall NABC in Phoenix will be well attended.  Phoenix in the fall will be a delight.  For information on what’s planned for Phoenix, see the website at www.acbl.org/nabc/phoenix02/phoenix.htm


Hall of Fame Induction Dinner

The Hall of Fame induction banquet took place on the first full day of the NABC, July 18.  This year’s inductees were Carol and Tommy Sanders, joint winners of the von Zedtwitz award and Ira Corn Jr., winner of the Blackwood award.  Also inducted were Paul Soloway and Hugh Ross.  Three deceased persons were added to the Hall, New Yorker Sam Frey, Jr., Emma Jean Hawes and Hermine Baron.


District 24 Players place high in NABC+ Events

Our Championship Flight Grand National Team of Glenn Milgim – Chris Willenken – Jared Lillenstien – Aaron Silverstein – Winthrop Allegart – Fred Chang placed 5/8th.

In the six-session Life Master Pairs Robert Levin placed 7th, Jim Krekorian – John Rengstorff, 13th, David Berkowitz – Larry Cohen, 14th, and Brian Glubok, 18th.

Placing high in the Red Ribbon Pairs (0-2000 mps) were Katie and Gino Scalamandre, 9th, and Gennifer Binder – Evan Markowitz, 14th.

Second in the Wager Women’s KO Teams was Jill Levin – Susan Picus.  Also placing high were Judi Radin – Valerie Westheimer, 3/4th, Debbie Rosenberg, 3/4th, and Dorothy Truscott, 5/8th.

High finishers in the IMP Pairs were Chris Willenken – Michael Polowan, 6th, Robert Stayman, 9th, John Rengstroff, 14th, and Brian Glubok, 16th.

Second in the Fast Pairs was Chris Willenken.  Also finishing high were Glenn Robbins, 11th, Charles Coon, 15th, Christal Henner-Welland – Jim Rosenbloom, 19th.

In the Senior Swiss Keith Garber – Ruth Stober placed 6th.

The summer NABC premiere team event, the Spingold, had its usual large number of District 24 top finishers.  Mike Moss was 2nd, Jimmy Cayne 3/4th, Richard Schwartz – Cohen – Berkowitz – Zia Mahmood – Michael Rosenberg, 5/8th, Mel and Janet Colchamiro, 9/16th, and Allen Kahn – David Rosenberg, 9/16th.

Placing high in the new Mini Spingold I (0-5000 mps) were Robert Gordon – Peter Bisgeirer – Simon Erlich – Jeffrey Rothstein, 5/8th.

In the Mini-Spingold II (0-1500 mps) Roberto Verthelyl – Alan Hayman placed 5/8th.

A big win in the Mixed Board-A-Match Teams for the “all District 24 team” of Michael Rosenberg – Debbie Rosenberg – Lisa Berkowitz – Larry Cohen – Richard Schwartz – Margie Gwozdzinsky.  Other high finishers were Brian Glubok, 5th, Karen Manfield – Craig Ganzer – Gennifer Binder – Aaron Silverstein, 7th, Judi Radin, 12th, Barry Rigal – Susan Picus – Sylvia Moss – Alex Ornstein, 13/14th, and Jane Dillenberg – Nancy Kalow – Jerry Goldberg, 15th.

Playing on the winning team (now designated USA I) of the U.S. Junior Championships was Lindsay Pearlman, daughter of Glenn Eisenstein, and finishing on the second place team (USA II) was Joe Grue.  Both teams will represent the USA next summer in the World Junior Championships.

Interesting Items from the Washington D.C. NABC

In a three-way race I was elected ACBL president for 2003.  I am honored to be the first District 24 Director elected president of the ACBL since Hall of Famer Peter Leventritt held that position in 1954.

The Masterpoint Committee revised the complete masterpoint awards’ schedule.

The new Alert practice of announcing the high card point range of all one No Trump opening bids was reviewed and will remain in effect.

The newly established Mini Spingold I and II had good attendance in its second year, with 63 teams (72 in first year) and 53 teams (36 in first year), respectively.

Starting in January the size of the ACBL Bridge Bulletin will be changed to 8 ½ x 11, and published on glossy pages.  Every issue will contain the recipient’s monthly masterpoint history printed in the magazine.

Overall masterpoints will be awarded in Continent-wide games that use hand records.  Also, overall masterpoints will be awarded in District-wide Charity Games that use hand records.

The Board of Directors voted that starting in 2004 the Appeals Committee process will be replaced with a system in which the Director-in-Charge of a tournament has the final say in an appeal of a Director’s ruling.  However, the Board of Governors voted to have the Board of Directors reconsider this action.  This reconsideration will take place at the next Board meeting in the fall.

ACBL management will develop an NABC sponsorship package to be used by local organizations.  The newly formed sponsorship committee, which I chair, will propose developing sponsorship packages to be used by clubs, Units and Districts.


Internet and Computer Activities

ACBL World Computer Bridge Championship

The sixth annual world computer bridge championship will be held in Montreal as part of the World Bridge Federation’s world bridge championships.  I am the originator and coordinator of this event.  Last year, a new computer bridge program from the Netherlands, JACK, won the championship in convincing style, see http://www.ny-bridge.com/allevy/Montreal for details and some pictures of last year’s championship.

Inter-Club Championship Games

Inter-Club games are club duplicate games, played at many clubs simultaneously, and scored electronically across the field.  The results, and possibly an analysis, are reported on the Internet.  Check your club or ACBL online for a schedule of events.